2018 | CCA's Fall 2018 Photography Lecture Series

Presented as part of the Photography Lecture Series

Thursday, October 25, 11:00 am–12:00 pm

Oakland Campus, Ralls 202

More info: Nick Janikian, njanikian@cca.edu

Brandon will discuss her photographic work, rendered through varied processes – traditional, experimental, digital, moving, still. She magnifies and highlights the transformative properties of humble things in flux: foams, safety glass, Cinefoil, reclaimed silver, aluminum paint, silver leaf. Designed to visually disappear, to conserve, conceal or fix, these materials play in front of her camera and perform in the darkroom. The resulting imagery traverses the abstract and the representational, the sculptural and the painterly, to evoke mysterious, electric worlds or shifting landscapes of movement.

2018 | Radical Beauty, Part I

Radical Beauty, Part I

MAR 09–MAR 18, 2018

Opening Reception March 9 from 6 to 9 pm

Storefront Installation @ 1320 Park Street in Alameda CA

As creative people of all kinds grapple with what it means to respond to the moment we are living in, we invited artists to remind people about beauty in the world — in all the forms that might take. Artists hone in on all kinds of subjects that they find beautiful and that they believe merit close attention. This project stems from the premise that searching for beauty is, in itself, a radical act.

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2017 | 50 Artists: Jennifer Brandon on Jay DeFeo

The thousands of artworks at SFMOMA offer countless opportunities to look closely and think deeply about some of the most amazing artists of our time. To celebrate both the artists on view in the newly expanded museum and the creative communities of the Bay Area, join us for 50 Artists, an exciting new program taking place every Friday at noon for fifty weeks. Each week, a local artist, designer, maker, thinker, performer, or writer shares how an icon of modern and contemporary art matters to them.

Jennifer Brandon on Jay DeFeo Friday, October 21 at 12:00 pm

Jay DeFeo,  The Verónica , 1957

Jay DeFeo, The Verónica, 1957